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Iím a multi talented artist based in the Metro Detroit area. For the past 5-7 years I have been utilizing my talents to build an extensive portfolio and am now working towards expanding outwards into the rest of the world.

As a model, Iíve worked with many creative photographers, as well as other models. You can find my work withFantasy Fotos, CKreations, DVS, George Booth, Mark Bakshi, 2SnapsUp, and many others. All of the artists Iíve worked with will offer an excellent reference. My modeling abilities offer a wide range, and I can generally fit into any given assignment. I can provide an extensive wardrobe and can suit multi models of similar body shape. Please view my galleries for an extensive look at what I have to offer.

As a performer, Iíve been with Causing A Scene Productions (CASP) since 2002. CASP is a diverse and cutting edge performing art group that has taken Detroit by storm. Creating cabaret in the most eclectic of forms, CASP is one of the most unique things performance art in Detroit has to offer.

Through CASP Iíve developed the ability to choreograph as well as perform, and am currently working with Motor City Dolls and choreographing The Motor City Dolls Review, a 3-5 piece feature burlesque group, as well as side projects with the Motor City Dolls.

You will also catch me performing with Fat Bottom Girls, a burlesque group tribute to Queen. Iíve performed to songs like Stone Cold Crazy, and Millionaire Waltz.

I also offer solo burlesque acts!

My talents also include makeup. Iíve been doing fantasy and dramatic makeup with CASP since 2003 and all of the makeup on my site has been done by me. I also specialize in costuming and my best costumes can be found yearly at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Every year I create elaborate costumes to compliment the theme of each weekend, never doing the same thing twice. The festival runs for 7 weekends in August and September plus Labor Day, so that's 15 different costumes. I proudly display them in the daily parade.

My current goals include continuing to build my portfolio and touring through the US as well as internationally, taking my modeling, makeup, costuming, and performing all over the world. My main goal is to create art with my favorite artists!

Would you like to create some art?

Xaina Fairy


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